Winter Is

Illustrated by Mindy Dwyer
Illustrated by Mindy Dwyer

“A simple storybook with high-quality illustrations, this app is perfect for reading together as a family or letting your children listen as the narration is read aloud.”  — Edutopia

  From reviews of the book:

“Three young children eagerly await winter…The rhymes capture the magic of the season: “Winter is black,/spilling night into day./We watch northern lights/start to flicker and sway.” The crisp, white landscapes are complemented by purple and blue backgrounds, and Dwyer’s watercolor technique gives the impression of swirling snowflakes…A poetic choice for a seasonal storytime.  — School Library Journal

“The joys of winter are celebrated by a trio of siblings in this cheerful picture book. Attractive watercolor scenes show the children enjoying traditional winter activities… while bouncy, rhyming verse describes the action. In addition to the familiar activities, there are scenes showing the children engaged in activities specific to the book’s particular northern setting: “Winter is black, / spilling night into day. / We watch northern lights / start to flicker and sway.”…Dwyer does an especially nice job of conveying the transition from winter to spring. As patches of snow disappear, “the world is light, leafy green.” After a reading, have youngsters write, draw, or talk about their own favorite winter activities. — Booklist

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