The Sleeping Lady

Illustrated by Beth Johns ISBN 978-0882404950

Illustrated by Beth Johns
ISBN 978-0882404950
Alaska Northwest Books

Winner, 1995 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award

“Told with appealing contrasts, intriguing shadows, and a refreshing intensity of color, the book provides a link between geography and literature.”  — The Mailbox: The Idea Magazine for Teachers

“Beautiful and enchanting pictures help to make this modern-day folk legend one children will want to read over and over again. Its message about war and peace leaves a lasting impression on the reader.”  — Reviews from Parent Council™

“The passages flow like poetry.” — Small Press

“Dixon’s serene presentation resonates with the simplicity of a Native American legend. Johns’s oil paintings are an apt complement, their handsome, ethnic-appearing characters and reverence for the land adding drama and atmosphere. Especially striking are the illustrations’ thematic borders, which subtly reflect the story’s changing moods.”  — Publishers Weekly

“The text is reserved and compelling, and the paintings reinforce its tone and mood with earthy, folk-style images of the people and their land.”  — The Horn Book

“Although the setting is unique to Alaska, the text, which focuses more on the story line and action than on description and detail, will hold the interest of readers, storytellers, and listeners everywhere. A great introduction to or enhancement for units on war, peace, decision making, cooperation, love, or myths and legends.” –– School Library Journal

“Outstanding from a learning perspective.”  —  Parent Council™

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