I’m a writer, librarian, and author of nine books for children. Oh — and one app!

You’ll find information about me and the books I’ve written at this site.

To find out more about my books, other children’s books about Alaska, and writing for children in the North, take a look at my blog Kid Lit North.

Thanks for looking me up!


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2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Remember me? I’m looking for someone to blurb my latest book, a 59,000-word Young Adult historical fiction set among the Mississippians of the St. Louis area.

    • Hello, Ann! Of course I remember you. I’d be happy to read and blurb your book, depending on your timeline — I’ve got a full plate until after 4th of July. Also, I know almost nothing about the St. Louis area or Mississippi history, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on that aspect.

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